Cinnamon Chewing Gum

Sugar & Aspartame Free
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Notsore has a fruitful portfolio with considerable diabetic and health food products like Cold candy, mouth freshener and chewing gum. Cinnamon sugar free chewing gum is a high quality and diabetic friendly product with great formulation for better mouth feeling and refreshment. Notsore sugar free chewing gum is sugar and aspartame free and available in different fruit and mint flavors with no negative side effect on your teeth.


Dosage Form: 
To fresh your breath
Different flavors
All Natural flavors and colors
Sugar free and diabetic friendly
Contains sorbitol as main sweetener with low calories
Low- digestible carbohydrates
GMO & Gluten free
Aspartame free

Take and chew 1 pellet.

Pack size: 
21 gr box

Keep in cool and dry place.


Diabetic patients must consume based on physician prescription. Children, pregnant and Phenyl ketonuria patients avoid consumption.


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