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Viva Power GAIN is a specialized product designed for hardgainers. It helps to facilitate muscle growth and weight gain, increase overall calorie intake, take high quality proteins and key nutrients. 
Ideal combination of fast and slow release proteins, like those found in GAIN, helps keep your body in a state of positive protein balance. Carbohydrates play a key role in replenishing muscle fuel stores and contributing calories to support increasing in muscle mass and strength. 


Dosage Form: 
Contributes to weight gain
Increases muscle mass
Increases strength
Contributes to lean muscle growth
Chocolate , Vanilla

On Training days: Mix 5 scoops (150 grams) dissolved in 600 ml of water or milk and drink it in divided doses 3 hours before workout session and 30-60 minutes after workout session.
On none-training days: Take 1-2 scoop(s)  between main meals and before bed time.

Pack size: 
Net Wt. 2700 g powder
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Consult your healthcare practitioner if you are under medical supervision or taking any prescription medication. This product is not intended for patients with phenylketonuria and chronic kidney disease.


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