Zinc plus pellet

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Viva Tune Zinc plus Timed Release is a unique micro-encapsulation formula that provides the gradual release of Vitamin C and zinc over time. Time Release Vitamin C and Zinc has superior uptake, bioavailability and retention in cells, as well as more potent free radical scavenging capabilities than other forms of Vitamin C and Zinc. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for normal growth and development. In the body, it acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. The body also needs vitamin C to make collagen, a protein required to help wounds heal. In addition, Vitamin C helps the immune system. Zinc is responsible for a number of different functions in the human body and it helps stimulate the activity of 100 different enzymes. Zinc helps maintain optimum immune function and boosts immunity, and creates new cells which allows healthy collagen production and wound healing.


Dosage Form: 
Capsule (pellet)
Supports Immune function
Antioxidant activity

Take 1 capsule daily with a glass of water or as recommended by a health- care practitioner.

Pack size: 
60 Capsules
Shelf life period: 
24 months
Drug interactions: 



Store in a cool and dry place, between 4- 25 ºC. Keep out of the reach of children


If you are pregnant or nursing or have other medical conditions consult your healthcare professional before taking this product.

Active ingredientsAmount per Capsule% RDA
Vitamin C300 mg375
Zinc5 mg50


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