Advanced Formula for Lactating Women
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 Viva Tune® Breastfeeding  is comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement that is safe to take after pregnancy. This product specially formulated to provide key vitamins and minerals to help meet nutritional needs of nursing moms that helps mothers to recover from the physical and physiological effects of pregnancy and can even benefit the health of your newborn if you are breast-feeding.

This supplement also contains fenugreek seed extract that have been used for centuries by nursing mothers when a boost in breast milk supply is needed.


·21 Essential Nutrients for Mother & Baby

·Increase Milk Supply & Herbal Lactation Support

·Helps Support Bone Health, Immune Function & Nervous System


Dosage Form: 
Soft Gelatin Capsule+ Tablet
Helps Support Bone Health, Immune Function & Nervous System

Adults take one softgel and one tablet daily with water Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.

Pack size: 
30 Softgels + 30 Tablets
Shelf life period: 
36 months
Drug interactions: 



Store below 25°C in a dry place.


If you are pregnant or nursing, or have other medical conditions, consult your healthcare professional before taking this product.

Nutritional InformationAmount per 1 Softgel
Vitamin A 1200 µg [4000 IU]
Vitamin B1 1.4 mg
Vitamin B21.6 mg
Vitamin B6 2 mg
Vitamin B122.6 µg
Biotin 35 µg
Vitamin C120 mg
Vitamin D320 µg (800 IU)
Vitamin E28.8 mg (43 IU)
Vitamin K90 µg
Folic acid 500 µg
Niacin 17 mg
Pantothenic acid 7 mg
Magnesium 100 mg
Zinc 12 mg
Iron 18 mg
Iodine 290 µg
Fenugreek seed powder 50 mg
DHA200 mg
Nutritional InformationAmount per 1 Tablet
Calcium 400 mg


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